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This variable is contained in the following files: Carrier (Fee-for-Service)
Short SAS Name
SAS Name

Code denoting the carrier-specific locality used for pricing the service for this line item on the carrier claim (non-DMERC).


Carrier pricing locality isn’t maintained by CWF and MCS. Each MAC sets up their locality values that would be sent to CWF. 

Source: NCH

Medicare Localities There are currently 89 total PFS localities; 34 localities are statewide areas (that is, only one locality for the entire state). There are 52 localities in the other 16 states, with 10 states having 2 localities, 2 states having 3 localities, 1 state having 4 localities, and 3 states having 5 or more localities. The District of Columbia, Maryland, and Virginia suburbs, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands are additional localities that make up the remainder of the total of 89 localities.