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SAS Name

The present on admission (POA) indicator code associated with the diagnosis codes (principal and secondary).   

In response to the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005, CMS began to distinguish between hospitalization diagnoses that occurred prior to versus during the admission.  The objective was to eventually not pay hospitals more if the patient acquired a condition (e.g., infection) during the admission.   

This present on admission (POA) field is used to indicate whether the 16th diagnosis was present on admission.   


The present on admission indicators for the diagnosis E codes are stored in CLM_E_POA_ IND_SW1 - CLM_E_POA_ IND_SW10.

Source: Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs)

CodeCode value
Diagnosis was present at the time of admission (POA)
Diagnosis was not present at the time of admission
Documentation is insufficient to determine if condition was present on admission
Provider is unable to clinically determine whether condition was present on admission