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This variable is contained in the following files: Part D Pharmacy Characteristics File
SAS Name

The pharmacy relationship type indicates whether or not the pharmacy has a chain or franchise relationship with another entity.


If there is a relationship ID (variable called RELATIONSHIP_ID), then the type of relationship is captured in this field. Note that the type of relationship in this field may not correspond with the dispenser class code for the pharmacy (DISPENSER_CLASS).

Additional details regarding the National Councile for the Prescription Drug Program (NCPDP) source data are available at:

Source: NCDPD DataQ™

CodeCode value
Chain: a group of providers operating under a single banner and having common ownership.
Franchise: a provider which has entered into an agreement with a franchiser entitling the latter to the use of a complete business package, common identification and having all the elements necessary to enable him or her to run it on an ongoing basis.
The provider has no chain or franchise relationships.